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    Financial Freedom for Women: Personal Finance 101

    Happy Women’s Day to you! I have been writing on this blog about books, travel and more. But this women’s history month,  I really want to highlight what I consider as the most important topic for women today – achieving Financial Freedom and Growth! Imagine yourself retiring on a beach with financial security someday soon… That’s right, I’m here to talk money (but not to preach).  Everyone has a different life with a different foundation, different priorities, needs, expenses, and desires. All of these things affect how our bank accounts wax and wane. So, rather than taking a shame route, I want to try and shed a bright spotlight on…

  • Vivid dreaming in the pandemic blog

    Vivid Dreams: A Side Effect Of The Pandemic

    While the whole world grapples with ‘the new normal’ there are many subtle yet important signs of changes in our lives. The question that has been on the forefront for me is – why are we having more vivid dreams right now? There’s a part of us that chooses what images to bring into our dreams. And when there is something like a pandemic, that is so pervasive in our culture it is hard to avoid, and so it makes us dream more and remember more.  Dream experts say that we also have the time now to remember our dreams better, as we can lay in the bed and think…

  • How To Concentrate Dreamy Nomad Blog

    Why Is It So Hard To Concentrate

    If you are a person who constantly needs to multi-task or has several jobs to get done every day, then you are no different. Most people are stuck in the same situation, my friend (quarantined or not). We have evolved into an intelligent species and are fast advancing with technologies that are smarter than us. However, in the haste to react on everything and everyone around us, we do not pause and realize that we are actually ignoring the thoughts in our own minds. To explain this better I am going to share my personal experience of how I came across this daunting realization: I am a person who is…