• Mendocino Things To Do California Travel Guide

    Mendocino – The Secret Corner Of Paradise In California

    So the biggest thing on everybody’s mind is – what places are safe to travel to as we battle the pandemic with vaccines and social distancing? If you plan on using your own transport, traveling only with your family, and not crowding up places that already have populous hubs, while wearing masks at all times and socially distancing yourself from other travelers, then I say go ahead and travel responsibly!  There are several places now opened up in California for safe visitation, but I’ve got the best one for you: Mendocino County Mendocino is an enchanted place filled with real, unspoiled California opportunities and inhabited by fun-loving misfits, mavericks, and…

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    White Snow and Blue Skies Beckon: Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe

    Located in: California Popular for: Skiing, Hiking “Let’s find some beautiful place and get lost!” Winter Fun at Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe lays claim to some of the United States’ top alpine resorts, where pint-size skiers and boarders grow up to be gold-medal winners. But it’s not all steeps and bumps here. At the beginning of this year (before we saw a pandemic rise and made us dream of places like these), I visited Tahoe for the first time in Winter (early February). On the north shore, Squaw Valley, also known as the Olympic Village, site of the 1960 Winter Games, is the stuff of legend. Saying that it matched…