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    Women’s History Month: Great Memoirs By Female Authors To Inspire You

    As women, we go out in the world every day to a life that is still quite different than our opposite sex. And while each has their own struggles and challenges, I often get a unique sense of empowerment when I hear personal stories of women. Being an ardent reader since childhood, I have, like many others, found my merriment and solace in books. Biographies and autobiographies have always been popular in the literary world with readers hoping to take an insider look into the lives of famous personalities — to know how they reached great heights or what challenges they faced and how they overcame them. But memoirs have…

  • My Book Reading TBR list of 2021

    Reading Is My Superpower: Book List 2021

    My usual favorite reading spot in the Bay Area has been the main branch of the local San Francisco Public Library which has a six storied beautiful building filled with books and resources. I love sitting by the window overlooking the spectacular views of the Civic Center and City Hall. Or sip some coffee at my favorite coffee shops on a weekend afternoon in the Financial District when it is finally silent there. Or in the several gorgeous Indie bookstores that the Bay Area is home to. Or the sandy beaches filled with sunlight. Even the amazing parks and hiking trails around the Golden Gate have some cool reading spots…